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Skiing technique

Classic; the entire course is prepared with at least one or two classic tracks. In descents, curves or changes of direction, rolled tracks (without classic tracks) may be used at most. The entire course will be monitored with style controls and the FIS rules and regulations will apply. It is forbidden to skate on the classic or rolled tracks, as well as to use gliding phases when straddling. Anyone who violates this will be disqualified.


All participants start from the same starting field. The gross time from the starting signal is valid. The runners will be divided into starting fields according to their own performance data at registration. The organisation takes place via various entrances according to the start number.

Race distance

Participants must complete the distance for which they have registered (55 km, 27 km, 11 km). Otherwise they will not appear in the ranking list. The OC reserves the right to change the route and the length of the course at short notice in case of unfavourable conditions.


A processing fee of CHF 30.- will be charged for re-registrations after the start number allocation (from end of november) has been made. This processing fee comes into effect in the event of a block change or a race change.

Transfer of starting place

Those who are prevented from participating in La Diagonela, La Pachifica or La Cuorta have the option of having their starting place transferred to a substitute person named by them, as long as substitute numbers are available. A processing fee of CHF 30.- will be charged for the transfer of starting places after the allocation of starting numbers (from end of November).

Elite starting block

The professional athletes of the Ski Classics are allocated to the Elite starting block. In addition to a valid FIS code, athletes who fulfil one of the following requirements can be allocated to the Elite starting block: – Athletes who have a maximum of 100 distance points (men)   – Athletes with a maximum of 150 distance points (women)   – Athletes who have reached the top 100 at Birkenbeiner or Marcialonga in one of the last two events (men)   – Athletes who have reached the top 200 at Vasalauf in one of the last two events (men)   – Athletes who have reached the top 50 at Birkenbeiner, Marcialonga or Vasalauf in one of the last two competitions (women)  

Climbs / Downhills

The entire route must be covered on skis. It is forbidden to take off your skis, especially on ascents. This instruction also applies to the ascent in the Stazerwald. The Stazerwald descent is exempt from this regulation, in which case only the specially marked footpath may be used.

Ski equipment – change of skis

The skis and poles used must comply with FIS regulations. Changing skis en route is prohibited.

If a ski or binding is defective, no more than one ski may be replaced.

Athletes in competition

Competitors must cover the entire distance under their own power. The assistance of pacemakers and pushing helpers is not permitted (IWO Art. 340.1.1).

Age categories

Boys/girls U14 2010-2011 (La Cuorta) (Children younger than 2010 may participate in La Cuorta if accompanied by an adult). Thanks to WALO.ch: free start for young people born 2004 and younger! Mail to info@ladiagonela.ch with all details incl. ID.
Knaben/Mädchen U 16 2008-2009 (La Cuorta) Thanks to WALO.ch: free start for young people born 2004 and younger! Mail to info@ladiagonela.ch with all details incl. ID.
Men / Women Youth U 20 2004-2007 Thanks to WALO.ch: free start for young people born 2004 and younger! Mail to info@ladiagonela.ch with all details incl. ID.
Men / Women U 30 1994-2003
Men / Women Master 1+2 U 40 1984-1993
Men/ Women Master 3+4 U 50 1974-1983
Men/ Women Master 5+6 U 60 1964-1973
Men/ Women Master 7+8 U 70 1954-1963
Men/ Women Master 9-11 over 70 ab 1953

Closing of the course and finish

The course will be controlled by a final vehicle.
Last passing times you find unter race information. Runners who arrive at the finish line after the official closing time will not be classified. The race cannot be classified.
Anyone overtaken by the broom wagon will not be allowed to continue the race and must hand over the timing chip to the broom wagon.
Participants who are unable to continue the race are requested to use public transport for the return to the finish, where they can pick up their effects again.
The jury reserves the right to extend the last passing times and the finish in case of difficult conditions.


Disqualified and punished with a two-year ban from the start will be anyone who

  • runs with a bib number other than the one allocated to them
  • runs under a false name
  • gives the start number to another person
  • causes a false start
  • skates in the classic or rolled tracks
  • behaves in a grossly unsportsmanlike manner towards participants, officials or spectators
  • covers a part of the course other than on skis. (Exception: Stazerwald downhill on foot on a marked path).


Protests must be submitted in writing to the jury. CHF 100 must be deposited. The protest deadline for the elite runners is 15 minutes after the finish of the 100th runner for the men and 15 minutes after the finish of the 20th runner for the elite runners. For all other participants, the protest period ends 15 minutes after the finish.

Doping controls

Doping controls can be carried out in accordance with the regulations of Antidoping Switzerland and must be completed by the participants. In the event of a refusal to undergo a test, this will be treated as a positive doping result and referred to the disciplinary chamber. In this case, any prize money will not be paid out.

Price money

La Diagonela for ladies and men each

1th rank EUR        5’300
2nd rank EUR        2’200
3rd rank EUR        1’200
4th rank EUR         700
5th rank EUR          600
6th rank EUR          500
Sprint Samedan EUR          250
Sprint St. Moritz EUR       1’000


Cancellation insurance must be taken out when registering online:
In the event of a cancellation, the entry fee paid will be credited for the following year upon submission of a medical certificate. Cancellation is only possible with a medical certificate.

If cancellation insurance is not taken out:
In the event of cancellation, half of the paid entry fee will be credited for the following year with the submission of a medical certificate.

Insurance / Liability

Each participant must be in possession of an accident insurance policy and bears full responsibility for his/her state of health. The organiser accepts no liability for accidents, lost objects, theft or other damage of any kind. The organiser also declines any liability towards spectators and third parties.

Cancellation of the competition

If the competition cannot take place for any reason, half of the paid entry fee will be credited for the following year.

Exception: Cancellation of the event due to Covid-19. See link: https://ladiagonela.ch/en/covid-19-situation/

Timing chip

The timing chip is attached to the inside of the race number and must be worn at the front. It must be returned after the finish at the correspondingly marked place. Chips that are not returned will be charged with CHF 80.- / € 80.-. If you do not start the race or give up, you can return the chip to the secretariat of La Diagonela (Quadratscha 18, CH-7503 Samedan) by 1 February 2022 at the latest without incurring any costs. The chips must be returned in a padded envelope, otherwise the chips may be lost. La Diagonela accepts no responsibility for lost chips, the participant must pay for them.

Family rating

Distance: La Cuorta, La Pachifica or La Diagonela, the intermediate time from Zuoz cross-country centre to Zuoz finish counts towards the classification, 11km. Composition: at least 1 child (born 2007 and younger) and 1 adult (parents, grandparents) Scoring: the best child and the best adult of the team Age of the child: Children under 12 years of age may also participate, but only if accompanied by a registered adult.

Data protect

The organizer reserves the right to use the specified personal data for marketing purposes as well as to publish pictures taken at the event, unless objection is submitted in writing.