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Rules and regulations

By registering, you agree to the La Diagonela regulations.

Included in the registration fee

  • Public transportation in the Upper-Engadin (Maloja-Zernez) on the day of the race
  • Sustenance along the course
  • Transport of personal effects from the course start to the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz
  • Heated shower facilities after the race
  • Ski depot after the race
  • Participation in the La Diagonela festival after the race
  • Free pasta at the la Diagonela party after the race
  • Certificate of participation for finishers

Wax service

5 wax stations are located along the course. This service is sponsored by TOKO and is included in the race entry fee. At the start area there is a “Last Minute Wax Service” from Toko for a fee of CHF 10.00 available. You are kindly asked to prepare your equipment before arriving. You have the opportunity to have your equipment professionally prepared in any of the region’s numerous sport shops.

Wax tip: The daily wax tip as well as the cross-country ski trail and weather forecast will be available on our website from Friday, 15 January 2021, as well as on Toko‘s website.

Repair and pole service

9 repair stations are located along the course. Replacement poles will be provided by EXEL. The stations will be manned by the following sport shops:

  • Zuoz, Start and Km 54: Willy Sport, Zuoz
  • La Punt, Km 4 and Km 49: Colani Sport, La Punt
  • Bever, Km 7 and Km 45: Waxstation J. Padrun, Bever
  • Samedan, Km 16: Fähndrich Sport, Pontresina
  • St. Moritz, Km 25: Suvretta Snowsports, St. Moritz
  • Pontresina, Km 37: Pontresina Sports AG, Pontresina
  • S-chanf, KM 60: Willy Sport, Zuoz


On the track you will find 8 sustenance support stations for La Diagonela and 3 stations for La Pachifica. At La Cuorta there is 1 station. The stations are manned by the schools of the Upper-Engadin. Situation analog to repair stations (without La Punt).

Medical service

The medical service is located at 7 different locations along the track and is free of charge for all participants. The recommendations of the doctors are to be followed. Alarms in the event of a medical emergency must be issued exclusively via the emergency medical call centre 144.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found area during the race day is located at the ski depot near the finish area.
On Sunday the items can be found at the cross-country skiing centre in Zuoz and from Monday onwards they will be in the office of La Diagonela at Quadratscha 18 in Samedan. Items that are not picket up by the beginning of February will be disposed.

Track preparation

Participants are requested not to enter the newly prepared tracks after 4pm on Friday before the race.

Last passing times

The route is controlled by a final vehicle.
Last passing times for 65km:

  • Bever Isellas (7.2km) 09.35 am
  • Sprint Golf Samedan  (15.6km) 10.15 am
  • St. Moritz (24.1km) 11.40 am
  • Pontresina Langlaufzentrum  (36.2km) 01.30 pm

Last passing times for 65km / 30km:

  • Bever Isellas (44.4km) 02.35 pm
  • La Punt (48.7km)  03.10 pm
  • Zuoz Langlaufzentrum (54.8km) 4.00 pm
  • Zielschluss (65km) 05.30 pm


Photos of the participants of La Diagonela 2020 can be found on the Sportograf website. Enter your race number and you will see your personal runner photo.

Photos from 2019 can be found here and photos from further back can be seen here.