Engadin La Diagonela

11th edition on 20 January 2024

The classic cross-country skiing event “Engadin La Diagonela” offers a unique experience across the Upper Engadine for top athletes and amateur athletes alike.

During the event day, in addition to the 55 km long “Engadin La Diagonela”, the 27 km long “Engadin La Pachifica” and the 11 km long “Engadin La Cuorta” will be held.

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Engadine La Diagonela 55km

La Diagonela leads over 55 km through the beautiful Upper Engadine. The entire route is completed in the classic style.

Route: Pontresina – Samedan – St. Moritz – Val Roseg – Zuoz village

Engadine La Pachifica 27km

The shorter sister, La Pachifica takes you on the second part of the 27km route through the villages of the Upper Engadine.

Route: Pontresina – Zuoz village

Engadin La Cuorta 11 km

The 11 km long La Cuorta is ideal for cross-country skiing newcomers or those returning to the sport.

Route: Zuoz cross-country centre – Zuoz village

Family Cross-Country Day

Sign up for La Cuorta, La Pachifica or La Diagonela and enjoy a family cross-country skiing day.
Entry requirements: minimum 1 child (born 2007 and under) & 1 adult, grandparents are also welcome.For the family race, children under 12 are also welcome but must be accompanied by a registered adult.The time will be measured from Zuoz Cross Country Centre to the finish in the village, regardless of the distance covered.

Dear young people
you are invited!

Participate in a cross-country race for free? That is possible with us! Young people born in 2004 or later can start for free!
Send us an e-mail with the following information: Name, address, date of birth, mobile number, e-mail address, race/distance/emergency contact (name+first name+mobile number) and the starting block.

Please also send us a picture of your ID.

Order Giftcard

Give a friend the gift of a voucher for the Engadin La Diagonela, Engadin La Pachifica or Engadin La Cuorta race. Order the voucher directly by e-mail.


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